Physician/Provider involvement in a patient’s care is a critical component in achieving successful outcomes for patients participating in the Renalogic CKD Management program.  

Our primary objective is to help your patients slow or prevent progression of their renal disease.  At Renalogic, our nurse case managers will work with you to help your patients improve their knowledge of kidney disease, increase their adherence to your proscribed treatments and add to their self-management skills.  Our nurses will actively work with your patient to reinforce your treatment plans and provide education that you may not have time to provide in your office.

We specifically teach how to focus your patients on what they have personal control over in order to make the biggest impact on their overall health and, in particular, how to prevent CKD, prevent/slow its progression of and how to live more productive lives with ESRD, should they be at that stage of the disease. Often, the biggest obstacle for these patients is a huge lack of education where they don’t know what questions they have – or what questions they should have.  

Renalogic for Providers

We EMPOWER patients to work more effectively with their healthcare team thru teaching, coaching, coordinating care – making referrals where needed for Home Health, RD, PT and early referrals to nephrologists when needed – to help create more holistic and coordinated care. We discuss their cases with their doctors and ensure communication with all involved in their care, which is essential to creating the greatest effect in the fastest time.  We typically move patients to meet their goals within 3-6 months and ensure long-term success via periodic coaching calls at less frequent intervals once they reach their goals.  In this manner, we are able to ensure lasting success while saving on valuable health care resources including nurse coaching, hospitalization and ER visits.

We SOLVE PROBLEMS and often mediate between the patient and insurer to foster communication and help resolve patients’ questions and complaints by working with the insurer to help increase patient satisfaction with care and to increase their understanding of how to work effectively with their health care team and insurer.

While our primary focus is on renal health, we also care for the whole patient and integrate all concerns/issues into their care plan using teaching, coaching, emotional support, and integration of the health care team for the highest good.  And while our nurses are skilled kidney coaches they are also highly skilled in interpersonal relationships.  They strive to foster the necessary motivation in patients to change the health care behaviors to support healthier lifestyles and preserve/maximize kidney function, and to enable greater independence and productive living. 

“In today’s health care environment it is rare to find a company that strives to make life better for patients, helps physicians to do their job and also saves money for a system that is stressed. Renalogic is just such a company.

Through partnering with physicians and insurers Renalogic helps patients to take responsibility for improving their health by teaching them to change the aspects of their lives that are negatively impacting their wellbeing.  In addition the specialist nurses at Renalogic guide patients through the complex health care system so that they can get the care they need.  Doing all of this makes for patients who are interested in their health and more willing to follow the advice of their doctors.

I am proud to be part of a company like Renalogic that not only works to keep patients healthy, but also helps relieve some of the burdens that physicians face in educating and treating patients.”

Jay Ginsberg, MD
Chief Medical Officer