What Do You Gain From Participating in a
CKD Management Program?

Being told that you have, or at risk for, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) or End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) can be scary, and make you feel helpless and afraid. You might have been contacted by one of Renalogic's Nurse Coaches and want to understand the program, or the "silent disease."

Here's what you need to know about working with Renalogic:

We're Renal Health Specialists

This program has been designed to help YOU. While we are renal health specialists and focus on kidney health, our Nurse Coaches work with you on all areas of health concern. Our nurses will give you the support you need to manage your health and educate you about CKD, so you can live and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Free Renal Health Program

Our renal health program is not only voluntary, it is FREE to members who have employer health plans that have partnered with Renalogic to provide this benefit. If you are unsure whether or not your employer is enrolled in this program, talk to your Human Resources representative, or call us toll-free at 888-808-9380.

Helping Those at Risk for CKD

Sometimes our program identifies members who are not yet diagnosed with CKD or kidney issues, but are at risk of developing CKD. If you are a member who has not been diagnosed with CKD, a Nurse Coach will educate you on other health conditions which could put your kidneys at risk, as well as how to maintain your kidney health.

Diabetes or hypertension are often found coexisting in people with CKD. This is known as comorbid, or the presence of more than one disease existing at the same time. These diseases can negatively impact kidney health. Our Nurse Coaches are knowledgeable and skilled in helping you manage these other diseases, along with your kidneys.

Renalogic Nurse Coaches can:

  • Explain your CKD diagnosis or ESRD diagnosis,
  • Review CKD treatment options,
  • Advocate for you to your health care provider or plan,
  • Prepare you for doctor visits and your role in managing your condition,
  • Provide you with educational information,
  • Examine your medications and explain impact on kidney function,
  • Discover activities & exercises to obtain, or maintain, a kidney-friendly lifestyle,
  • Educate you on the healthcare delivery system.
Renalogic Nurse Coaches provide members with renal health education and lifestyle improvements.

Check with your employer or human resources representative to find out more information about this program, or call Renalogic at 1-888-808-9380.