We Serve the Self-Funded Industry.

Renalogic Clients

Renalogic (formerly DCC) was founded in 2002 and has developed proven solutions for all aspects of renal disease. Today Renalogic provides:

  • Customized one-time and monthly data analysis to provide renal disease risk modeling for each client’s member population
  • A Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Management program tailored to the individual needs of each client
  • Member education and empowerment to improve patient outcomes & longevity of life
  • Cost savings to the plan through CKD management, management of comorbid conditions, and dialysis cost containment.
  • A Dialysis cost containment program that can provide discounts of 85% off of full billed charges both in and out of network
  • Client savings of over $86 million in the past 3 years
  • Tried and tested appeal support

A dedicated staff of experts including:

  • Chief Medical Officer is Board Certified in Nephrology & Internal Medicine
  • Medical Management Director and Nurse Coaches specialize in Renal Care & Diabetes
  • Chief Legal Officer has been with DCC since we were founded in 2002, and specializes in ERISA, Healthcare Law, Medicare Rules & Regulations, and serves as an advisor to state governmental agencies.  He is responsible for writing the carve language, the U&R Methodology, and the appeal support language.

As a self-funded employer, you know how much your employees depend on you for their medical coverage. With dialysis claims averaging in excess of $500,000 - $750,000 annually, CKD and dialysis costs could put your plan at risk.  Renalogic can address these risks across the spectrum of renal disease.

  • If you’re a TPA, you need to find ways to better differentiate your services.
  • If you’re a reinsurer or stop-loss carrier, you are faced with tough competitive choices of risking a premium increase, lasering dialysis patients or facing a hit on the medical loss ratio.
  • If you’re a broker/consultant or MGU, winning new business in the current competitive environment, and retaining existing clients depends on bringing real solutions to the problems your clients face. 

Renalogic can provide the comprehensive set of solutions to control costs, improve outcomes and provide customized solutions that actually return a positive Return on Investment (ROI) to our clients.