The dialysis cost containment
industry is changing.

We should know.
We’re the ones changing it.

15 years ago, Renalogic pioneered cost containment for End Stage Renal Disease and dialysis. In doing so, we began to see significant issues beyond dialysis cost containment that exist within the larger kidney disease continuum of care. Specifically, the indifference to focusing on kidney disease prevention and the progression of the disease. We can do better.

Now, with the same paradigm-shifting mindset we brought to dialysis cost containment, we’re innovating technology and solutions to proactively prevent the onset of ESRD and dialysis, slow or even halt its progression, to not only improve medical conditions that lead to kidney disease and/or failure such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, high cholesterol just to name a few, but to do so in order to improve the lives of those already afflicted, so that our expertise in dialysis cost containment is needed less and less over time.

This will benefit our valued clients. Their members. And the very communities in which our programs are utilized by ensuring a healthier population. That is doing better.

Proprietary algorithm.
Cost avoidance, not just cost savings.
Kidney disease is officially under new management.



Know who to help. And how.

Renalogic can help you identify and mitigate the risk of Chronic Kidney Disease at all phases of the disease, from early identification to slowing or halting the progression to End Stage Renal Disease/Dialysis. Renalogic provides a comprehensive, data-driven approach to kidney disease care and dialysis. Early intervention can result in significantly improved outcomes for members and substantially reduced costs for employers.



Full continuum of care.

Early identification, combined with specialized intervention and management, can delay the progression of kidney disease and bring down costs associated with managing it. We at Renalogic have high expectations to help be a driver in providing for better outcomes for kidney disease patients and their employer groups. We help clients do better for their members and positively change their bottom line. The primary goals of Renalogic’s Chronic Kidney Disease Management program are to slow the progression of the disease, preserve and improve kidney function, improve overall health, and reduce the cost of care for members who might otherwise progress to End Stage Renal Disease/Dialysis. Last, but certainly not least, our goal is to reduce the incidence of dialysis altogether. Renalogic’s current dialysis cost avoidance amount is over 2.5 million dollars and our rate of dialysis avoidance for participating members is 100%.



We pioneered it.
We're continually improving it.

Reducing the cost of dialysis is not as simple as choosing a service or vendor. Provider threats and even litigation are becoming more commonplace. Having the strongest and most defensible administrative record of reimbursement is required and frankly the only solution to not paying more on dialysis claims than necessary. Some programs use arbitrary derivatives of Usual and Reasonable (U&R) service based solely on Medicare, which can be difficult to defend if appealed and even litigated. Renalogic offers Payment-Based U&R Service and Single Patient Agreement Service. Our methodology allows clients to choose when to use our U&R language, and when to use other re-pricing options. This gives clients maximum flexibility to select the appropriate option for each situation. Renalogic has also developed the ASO/PPO Network Advantage. It is a unique and safe methodology that allows our clients to completely carve out their outpatient dialysis benefit while maintaining other ASO/PPO network discounts. Combining Renalogic’s Payment-Based U&R or ASO/PPO Network Advantage service with our monthly Renal Risk Analysis service, can further improve risk prediction and cost management.

Positive bottom line impact.
That’s the bottom line.

Our approach to kidney disease management – avoiding costs rather than just
reducing or controlling them – drives positive bottom line impact for our clients.

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